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Maps & Assessing Data

Contact: Rick Ball, Land Use Technician
Address: PO Box 310
143 Main Street
Belmont, NH 03220-0310
Phone: 603-267-8300 x 125
Fax: 603-267-8307 
Hours: Monday-Friday, 7:30am-4:00pm 


On-Line Maps

NOTE:  Property ownership data on our website is not current for the purposes of making legal notifications. Confirmation of ownership can be made through the Town Hall Offices.

2018 Tax Maps (pdf)
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Last Tax Map with pre-2000 tax map numbers to access old tax map & lot numbers

Other Maps
Aquifer Protection District Cemeteries 
 Municipal Sewer Map
Aquifer Protection District and
Protected Lands
FEMA Flood Maps
 State of NH 
Belmont Aquifer Protection District including 
all lots wholly or partially within the District

Electric Utility Providers
Drug Free 1000' Zones Map 
Street Map 
(Class VI Roads are unmaintained. Travel at own risk.)
Conservation Lands 
Jeff Marden Town Forest 
Municipal Water Map 
Tri-Town Aquifer Map
Sunray Shores Water District
Zoning Map Town Owned Land  Village Spur Rail Trail
Lake Winnisquam Scenic Trail    
Historic Maps
Belmont Village Sanborn Insurance Maps 1898-1912 Factory Village Maps
Map of New Hampshire, 1791, Jeremy Belknap 
Map of New Hampshire, 1813, Samuel Lewis   Map of New Hampshire, 1816, Philip Carrigain  
Range Map, 1845, Lancaster  Range Map, HE Johnson, Undated  Range Map, CE Perley, Undated 

Master Plan Maps - 2002
Aquifer Conservation Current Use and Unfragmented
Farm Soil Gravel Pits Municipal Property
Region Scenic Roads Village
Wetlands & Steep